Q:  What is a Group Break and how does it work?

A:  A Group Break is a thrifty and convenient way to select and collect your favorite teams and players without having to invest in entire cases or boxes.  For instance, if you are a Chicago Bears fan looking to collect their hottest rookie, you can find a product that you are interested in from our shop and purchase your rights to all of the Bears cards from that break. When all the slots/teams for that product are sold, we will open the box/case and every Chicago Bears card that comes out of the box/case is yours.

Q: Are there different types of Group Breaks?

A: Yes, we offer the following types of Group Breaks:

Team Break You pick your team from the team drop-down menu, and own the rights to that team for the break you are participating in.  You will receive all of the cards that come out of the break for that team.

Draft Break:  This one provides all the fun of a draft. Once the spots for the break are filled, we will open up all of the boxes and determine a draft order using www.random.org.  Then, the choosing process will be done as a snake draft (similar to the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB entry drafts).  The person with the first pick in the draft can choose whichever card they want from the break.  Then, the second person, third person, and so forth until all of the cards have been chosen.

Random Break:  You buy a random spot/team in a break (spots depend on the sport and number of teams for the sport), and we use www.random.org to determine what team or spot you get for the break. In this type of break, you will know what team(s) you own prior to the break but won’t have the option to select your own team.  You will receive all of the cards that come out of the break for that team.

Hit Break In this break, all the boxes/packs are opened, and the hits are distributed among the buyers using www.random.org to determine who gets what card.  You are guaranteed a hit with this style of break.

Division Break:  All 4 major sports in the U.S. are made up of divisions that include teams that have been designated for those divisions.  For example in the NFL there are 8 divisions. The AFC North, South, East, & West and the NFC North, South, East, & West. In the NFC West there are the 49ers, Seahawks, Rams, & Cardinals. In a Division Break, if you were to buy the NFC West you would get ALL the cards for the 49ers, Seahawks, Rams, & Cardinal because they make up the NFC West division in the NFL.  Depending on the product it could end up being a lot of cards!

Q:  What time do your breaks take place?

A:  All of out breaks will be scheduled on the Break Calendar.  All break times are Pacific Standard Time (PST).

Q:  Are scheduled breaks ever postponed or cancelled?

A:  Yes, breaks can be delayed or cancelled.  Like everyone,we are at the mercy of the manufacturers and their scheduled release dates.  Often products get delayed and communicated to us via email from the manufacturer, with the the new release dates.  Products can be cancelled as well, but that is a rare occurrence.  If you buy into a break that has been rescheduled we will change the date on the calendar to reflect the change.  Please periodically check the calendar for any rescheduled events.  You can also check the ” Release News Update/Delays” section under the info section of the site for any further information about product delays.

Q:  How do I buy a team for one of your breaks?

A:  We have tried to make the selection and check-out process as simple as possible.  Each of our products has a drop-down menu that will list of all of the teams that are available for that break.  Choose the team that you want from the list.  As long as the team is still available, you can add it to your cart for the price listed when you select the team.

Note that for each break, there is only one slot available for each team.  Teams are selected on a first-come, first-serve basis once the break is posted to the site.  New breaks will be posted frequently so check back to see if there is anything that you are interested in.

Q:  I want to buy a spot/team in one of your breaks but the spot/team is grayed out.  How can I purchase a grayed out spot/team?

A:  If you see that a spot/team name is grayed out it means that that spot/team has already been purchased by someone else.

Q:  What type of payment do you take for your breaks?

A:  We accept transfer of funds or credit card payments via PayPal only.  Unfortunately, due to processing delays experienced with e-checks, we can no longer accept e-checks as a method of payment.  If we see that a spot is being payed for via e-check we will cancel the order and notify you via email about the cancellation of the order.    We will not hold the team/spot that was being purchased if the e-check method of payment is used.  If you have questions about payment options you can email us at info@dandpbreaks.com.

Q:  How do you determine the prices for the teams for a box/case break?

A:  Prices are determined based on the checklist provided by the manufacturer of the product that will be opened.  Teams with more desirable players will tend to be priced higher than those with less desirable players.  We research the product thoroughly to determine the pricing for each team that we sell based on the product that is being opened.

Please note that we are at the mercy of the card manufacturers and as such, any changes in the checklist made after the product information is released will be dealt with as fairly as possible.

Q:  What is a Box Break?

A:  A Box Break is set up to allow you to purchase a box of cards that we will open for you live on BREAKERSTV.  The break will be recorded as well, so you can revisit the break and allow others to see what you received in your box.  Once the break is done we will package up all the cards securely and send them to you.

Q:  Are there any advantages to doing a Box Break of this kind?

A:  Yes.  Since the break is recorded you will be able to share with your friends what you received.  The recording also provides proof of the rare instance of missing or damaged cards.  Finally, you get instant gratification!  No waiting for your box to ship to find out what you get!

Q:  How can I watch the break?

A:  All of our breaks will be broadcast live via our channel at BREAKERSTV.  Just tune into the site at your break’s scheduled time and watch us go through the packs.  Access our BREAKERSTV channel either by clicking on the BREAKERSTV icon on the home page of this site or by clicking here.

Q:  What happens if I am not able to make it to the live break on BREAKERSTV?

A:  No worries. We record all of our breaks and post the videos to our YouTube channel.  Access our YouTube channel via the YouTube icon found on the home page of this site or by clicking here.

Q:  If during a break the team name printed on the card and the uniform the player is pictured wearing don’t match, who gets the card?

A:  We go by the name of the team that is printed on the card and not the jersey the player is wearing.  For example if a player is wearing and Orlando Magic jersey and the card says Philadelphia 76ers on it, the owner of the 76ers will get the card.

Q:  After the break is done, how long will it take for me to get my order?

A:  After the completion of the break, we will ship your order within 24–48 hours.  All orders will be shipped via USPS first class mail.

Q:  I live outside of the United States and Canada. Can I participate in your group breaks?

A:  Unfortunately, we are only open to residents of the U.S. and Canada at this time.  We are looking into expanding our service to other countries in the future.

Q:  Are there shipping fees for teams/spots?

A:  With in the U.S. all teams/spots are shipped free.  Unfortunately, due to the recent price increase (1/28/2013) for international shipping by the United States Post Office, we can no longer offer free shipping to Canada.  Shipping will cost $9.99 for all international orders.

Q:  Are all teams going to be available for every box/case break?

A:  Yes, all teams will be available for purchase.  D&P thinks it’s bad practice to leave out teams.  Every sports fan deserves the opportunity to get cards from their favorite teams.  While we do research the products thoroughly to make sure that all teams are represented, please note that in rare instances, there will be teams that do not have any cards in a product.  In that case, we would not include that team for purchase, and we would make note of that on the product page.

Q:  If I can’t pay for the team/spot that I want right away, is there a way I can put a hold/reserve on a team that I am interested in purchasing if I contact you?

A:  To be fair to everyone that would like to participate in our breaks, all teams/spots are on a first come first served basis.  We will not reserve or hold a team at any time.

Q:  What happens if there are Dual, Triple, or Quad cards pulled during a break that has multiple teams on them?

A:  Each person who has a team represented on the card will get their name put into random.org.   If you own multiple teams that are represented on the card, you will get your name put into random.org for each team that you own.  We will then click the randomize button 5 times.  The person who’s name is at the top of the list will get the card.

Q:  Do you offer any breaks just for one person?

A:  Yes, we do. A Box Break allows you to purchase your own box that we will open for you, live on BREAKERSTV.  If you can’t be present for the break, we will record it and post the break to our YouTube channel.  We will ship you all of the cards from your box including base set cards.

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